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My interest in Maseratis started when I was 5 years old, flicking model racing cars with my thumb - BMWs, Alfas, Mercs, and Maseratis. I wish I still had these models as they would be very desirable today (despite being badly bruised!). This interest (along with some family ties and an ageing 430 of my own) led me to make monthly trips to Italy.. [more]

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Cars Breaking

Here is a list of cars I have recently broken.

3200 GT

4200 GT



Ghibli II


4 Door Biturbo range

2 Door Biturbo range

Parts Listed By Category

The lists shown below are not meant as a definitive guide to the parts available, but show a selection of the more popular pieces in demand. Parts that aren't mentioned in the lists can probably be sourced from one of the cars in the list above, so please contact me with individual requests.


In addition to the gearknobs & badges shown here, I normally have at least one or two clocks to choose from.

Both LHD and RHD dashboard configurations are available, as well as complete interiors in varios materials/colours.

A wooden steering wheel adds considerably to the appearanceof a Biturbo's interior. I've got some plastic ones too.

Exterior - Underbonnet Foam

A degenerated underbonnet foam is a common sight on older Biturbos. I can supply these foams new at a very competitive price.

Exterior - Bodywork

I have various bootlids available (with and without spoilers) for two and four door models.

Another common habitat for tinworm, doors are always in demand. My doors are mostly sourced from Italy, and therefore haven't suffered from our inclement weather.

I have bumpers, bonnets and grills for a variety of models, available from stock.

Exterior - Other Parts

Rear passenger windows are prone to rusting, and I often have these in stock. I can also supply front windows & lift mechanisms (which are a problem area for most Maseratis).

I have a stock of lights and light surrounds for various models (LHD and RHD) too.

Mechanical - Engine parts

Used turbos are available from stock, along with all exhaust sections for various models.

Radiators and cooling fans are also available.

Mechanical - Other parts

I have back axle assemblies, complete with suspension if required.

I can also supply shock absorbers (including the later 'adjustables', and Spyder variants).

Brake cylinders, calipers, discs and pads for all models are also available.

I supply new and used Maserati parts to private and trade customers

I accept all major credit cards

I also accept PayPal for small transactions

I provide worldwide shipping

Contact me with details of your requests