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My interest in Maseratis started when I was 5 years old, flicking model racing cars with my thumb - BMWs, Alfas, Mercs, and Maseratis. I wish I still had these models as they would be very desirable today (despite being badly bruised!). This interest (along with some family ties and an ageing 430 of my own) led me to make monthly trips to Italy.. [more]

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14th December 2023 - A Message from Penny Boon

It's with great sadness that I share the news of David's passing, which occurred peacefully at home on December 6th. David's funeral will be held at Countesthorpe Crematorium on December 28th at 2pm.

It is my intention to continue David's legacy and supply parts to Maserati enthusiasts worldwide. In the short term, my focus will be spending time with friends & family. Please can I ask that you submit any parts enquiries by email over the Christmas and New Year break - I will work through these requests from January 2nd onwards.

Thank you for reading this, and I'm sorry if this news has come as a shock to you.

Kind regards,


8th August 2017

Wow, time goes by and I rarely find time to update my website. I am still trying to keep up with a stock of parts the market requires (not easy!), also Maserati seem to be not stocking many parts for cars over 10 years old thesedays. Their efforts to increase car production, which have been very successful, have led them to alter their stocking policy maybe.

Tipo still helps me through the day, making sure the mice are few, and of course checking parts.

I am at, what I think is a crossroad, do I buy into the later Masers? I have stock of most models going back to the early 80's and because of my accident and getting old, Penny is now helping me to go forward with the enthusiasm to further my business. I have stock of parts for cars to 2007.

I have also normally a few good cars around which are for sale. At the moment, 2 x 3200GT, 1 x QP5, 1 x 224, 1 x 424.

I also have an alien car from Aussie, Tom Walkinshaw's HSV, an SV5000 a Chevrolet 5.0 V8 engine.

I do try to keep up with the supply of parts which are problematic, including: refurbished shock absorbers, refurbished throttle bodies, climate control units, oil pressure senders, steering wheel extensions and steering rack end ball joints. Some of these items are pictured below.

23rd December 2016

Well Christmas is here again, another successful year as I am still eating, drinking and driving Maseratis, what more could I ask for?

I think back to childhood when there always was snow at Christmas. It was fun - I remember we used to go out and find a Christmas tree with my Mum and saw it down in the snow. Happy memories, it was free as well!

All you guys out there should think how lucky we are driving these Maseratis. Next week the roads will be a bit quieter, so we (well, me anyway!) can blast it down the road and enjoy life. There are millions of people in 3rd world and war torn countries who aren't able to celebrate Christmas like us. I am sure they would all relish dealing with the problems a Maser might cause to keep running, and we should give them a thought at this special time!

Just arrived in stock is a range of new rear exhaust boxes for 3200GT, Biturbo (4 door), Biturbo (2 door) and Ghibli. See photos.

Anyway I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of all the things we want! And a big thank you to all of my customers of course!

4th October 2016 - 3200GT Turbo Gauge?

Now, one thing that was simple and gave me more information for fault finding was a turbo gauge. All Maseratis had turbo gauges from 1982 to 2001 aside from the 3200GT (I think?). So, I have just fitted one in my 3200GT so that I can be a child again and watch my turbo pressure. I didn't want it on top of the dash and thought the vent was the best place - also the passenger cannot see it this way so your better halves won't know when your foot's to the floor! The whole kit costs about 75 pounds and is easy to fit.

I can supply the parts if anyone is interested?

4th October 2016 - General update

Well as usual I am not good at updates. Firstly thank you for your continued support, and concern for my recovery, which you often mention. Until a trauma of some kind occurs, we realise then that the care of others can be better than a bucket load of tablets!!!

The Maserati world, well it is definitely getting bigger in terms of cars and media attention. I think we may see Maseratis getting a little more screen-time soon!

The older I get the more interested I become in remembering the times spent to do with Maserati, whether it be about a rusty car or one which didn't start, I knew nothing then and I still don't now! I just about learned how everything worked, and then they started replacing mechanical bits with electronic bits as new models were developed and now I have no idea again.. this was supposed to get easier!

20th December 2015

May I first thank you for all your support over the years, especially this one. I managed to run into a stationary car at speed in September 2014 with no airbags - the direct result being that I spent 4 months in a coma and non compos mentis. Then another 3 months before I could leave hospital, and about 35 kilos lighter. Although I received loads of damaged organs, not one was totalled, so I am now still recovering. Just wish to thank all of you who have continued to wish for my recovery.

I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to helping you keep your pride & joy Maseratis on the road during 2016!

14th May 2015

After over 7 long months in hospital due to my car accident, I'm now back home! I still have a long way to go with my recovery, so please bear with me if I'm a little slow replying to your enquiries.

Thank you all for your continued business and kind messages while I've been away, which I'm sure helped to speed my recovery.

Please direct all enquiries to myself at the usual number: +44 (0)7710 489552.

5th January 2015 - Happy New Year

Thank you all for your continued business and the many kind messages that we have received regarding David's condition in hospital.

We'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

From Penny, Richard and Adam.

25th October 2014 - Update on David's condition

We've received countless kind messages and cards wishing David a speedy recovery and we'd like to thank you all for your support at this time. While David is showing signs of progress, he remains in a critical condition in hospital and is not yet well enough to receive visitors outside of his immediate family.

Please continue to submit your requests for parts to We'll try to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible, though please bear with us. We may not always able to offer the rapid service that David strived towards. Note that we are still able to offer throttle-body and shock absorber refurbishment.

12th September 2014

As David is still critically ill in hospital, Richard Boon will be looking after David's Maserati Parts Service from 9am on Monday onwards. While Richard will do his best to look after your needs, please understand the difficulty of the situation and expect some delays.

We will be continuing to monitor David's email so please continue to use the same email address to contact us.

10th September 2014 - PLEASE READ

Unfortunately David was involved in a serious road traffic accident on 9th September. He is currently in intensive care at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry and is not contactable for the foreseeable future.

We apologise if you have a pending transaction with David. We hope you understand that we are focusing our efforts on being with him at this difficult time.

We will update his website with more information at a later date.

Kind Regards,

Penny Boon and Adam Askew.

27th December 2013

Well it is now the end of 2013 and I only did 1 previous update this year, I must apologise. When I first set up my site I was going to do weekly updates and try to make it a little more interesting, I failed here obviously. I like to keep busy and that I do, thanks to all my customers, so sorry for the poor website.

Maserati is certainly taking on the market now with production figures set to multiply 10 fold over the next 3 years, I just hope they can back it up with a good service. There still seems to be more and more cars available to break as production increases, which will hopefully make it cheaper to supply parts to keep these cars on the road. The Biturbo range covering the 80's and 90's are now rare beasts and seem to be escalating in price. The introduction of the new models will give Maserati far more profile in the market and this may increase interest also in the older cars. There are still many people who do not know of Maserati. I have a footpath going by my yard and I often get asked what make of cars are these, I think they will all know soon?

This year my one and only full time helper, Tyson, my pussy cat, went to pussycat heaven. He has always been with me for 13 years, either brushing up against me while lying under a car, playing with tools, marking all new cars that arrive by spraying the bumpers or sitting with me outside when I have a cuppa. For those of you who have never had a pet you may not understand. He was always around, catching mice, sleeping in the cars, lying around. He stopped eating and the vet diagnosed a heart problem and a swollen alimentary canal. After numerous visits over 10 days we were told there was no confident treatment that could be successful. We did not want him to suffer anymore, so we had to take a very tough decision. That was September, I will go and find a new Tyson next week, 2014.

Anyway as I said many times before, I will try to update more often. Hoping you all have a fantastic Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014!

16th February 2013

Well since I last did an update of any substance a year has gone by, although it does not feel like it. We had no summer here, just rain and cold days, I think there was a week of sunshine in June, not conducive to working outside on metal components. It is now heading towards springtime, and look forward to sitting outside in the sun with a cup of tea and Tyson.

The world of Maserati is changing, increased production plans and more models. Quite surprising that in one of the biggest world financial slumps in our lifetimes Maserati seem to be doing the opposite of what they have done in all their history, make a profit and more cars!

Demand for parts is slowly declining as the power of the Internet shows itself, by the ease of us all being able to show the world what is for sale, opening up the market for all. Although the array of Maserati models and their various modifications made during production will complicate the market for used parts, it will become more difficult to identify the correct parts for each model year on year.

Although I only supply genuine Maserati parts I do refurbish, repair and modify some of the Maserati parts which cause problems or to which are no longer available. See list below:

> Shock Absorbers: 3200GT, QPIV, Ghibli, Biturbo (with active ride)

> Throttle Body: 3200GT

> Climate Control Units: Biturbo range, Shamal, Ghibli, QPIV

> Steering Wheel Extensions: QPIV, Ghibli

> Engine Rebuilds: V6, V8

The demand has become increasingly more for 3200 4200 models, while the Biturbo, QPIV and Ghibli are less on the scene, although there seems to be a little more interest in the Biturbo of late. This is not unexpected as most have rotted away, or been scrapped because of their poor re-sale value. I would not be surprised if their value might climb back to make them more of a proposition to repair.

Anyway these turbo cars give us far more fun to drive than a normally aspirated one, well it does for those who are still a bit childish, I like them anyway!

25th December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to all for your continued custom, I'll endeavour to add more updates in 2013!

24th February 2011

Well spring is not so far away here in the UK, we can look forward to some dry roads to put the power down, instead of wet, snow and ice that we all think we can drive on!

In December playing cricket in Oz was easy but keeping a Maserati on the road here was impossible. Which makes me think about traction in the snow, I still hope Maserati never contemplate making a front wheel drive car!

I have always been a fan of the QP IV, solid, comfortable, more reliable than most Maseratis between 1980-1999. Not particularly noticed in a car park. Very rarely see a rusty one, and of all the models I supply parts for I sell less for this model. The Biturbos, Ghibli and Shamal were designed back in about 1982 mainly, as certainly most of the electrics are similar to the first Biturbo. The QP IV first supplied in 1994 was a completely new design with a little more updated electrics. These cars are cheap and a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing, the V8 not so far behind the 3200GT in power.

I should talk about parts but don't really know where to start, the demand at present is mainly for 3200/4200 as Maserati in all their history I think, never produced so many cars so quick. The first 3200GT was produced in 1999. There has been plenty of unrest as to the parts supply from Maserati, even though these cars are still bought from agents and are up to 10 years old. Consequently used parts have been in demand and you guys & girls have been keeping me busy!

25th December 2010

We've had a harsh start to the winter here in Leicestershire, with temperatures rarely getting above zero in the past few weeks. Still - it's given us Brits the opportunity to complain about transport ministry in the run up to Christmas, which is great since complaining is one of our favourite pastimes!

I became a grandfather again this year, with my son and his wife having their 2nd child, Dylan Askew (have a look at the 4th picture). Also pictured to the right is my 1st grandson Ben, who already has a remarkable talent for identifying vehicle makes & models at just 3 and a half!

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoy the festive period, and I look forward to helping to keep your trident-wearing pride n' joys on the road throughout 2011!

7th March 2010

Well after about 8 weeks of snow and ice here it looks as if Spring is approaching, blue sky and sunshine but only 5 degrees. It has not been pleasant stripping cars outside, all my covered storage is full and no room to work undercover!

Tyson has been really fed up, turned into a curled up bundle by the fire most of the time, although the past few days he has spent outside in the sun catching mice.

Anyway thankyou to all you guys who gave me business, as it kept me busy during a real winter.

1st January 2010

Just a quick note to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

6th December 2009

I must apologise for the few updates I manage, the weeks seem to fly by! Anyway, Tyson is fine now, apart from pretending to limp now and again when he wants some fuss.

The past few weeks have been very busy, things seem to take longer as the weather gets more wet and windy as I have all my undercover space full of parts. This means car dismantling cannot be done undercover. Outside I have a 3200gt, 4200GT, QP1V, Ghibli, 430, which need stripping and it is now getting cold.

I was looking through some old photos of cars in Italy you could buy for peanuts just a few years back, around 2004/2005, now worth a fortune. I will put some photos below.

I do not normally buy cars to sell, but recently purchased a very good 3200GT, 35OOO MILES, if anyone is interested. Photo below.

Will update again before Christmas, hope we have snow here to make it feel like Christmas a little more!

27th September 2009

Well Tyson is happy again, no bandage, and is now free to wander and mark all the Maser bits again. See photo of his last green bandage with a seal easy wet weather cover. He is sorry the episode cost 800 but assures me it was worth it! See also photo now with no bandage , so he now can lick his leg clean.

One of the photos below shows about 25 years of Maserati engines, 2.5 Biturbo carb, 2.8 Biturbo injection, 2 litre Ghibli, 3200GT, 4200gt. Also a photo of the cambelt set-up on a 3200GT recently rebuilt.

I find breaking some of these cars a bit criminal, see photo of a perfectly good 1998 V8 QP1V, it had an engine fault, the engine is rebuilt and ready to drop in, but I supply parts, so it is important to keep breaking them. On this car I have never seen such good quality woodwork, I have had many of these but this looks a bit special. The wood looks like it is made from solid wood with out and peeling, faded veneers.

See also a 2005 4200GT, 13000 miles and still smells new! Just a thought but if you are a bit of an enthusiast, and have the time, and own a QP which is going rusty you could have the shell from this QP 1998 with the UK paperwork and swap your parts over. It is just a shame to see it crushed when I have finished with it!

See a photo of how it looks more and more like a "junkyard" as I bet my neighbours sometimes say! My grandson, Benjamin also demanded a photo, he does say he will have a Maserati one day! He is right as I have a Maserati Spyder pedal car ready for his next present!

19th July 2009

Well I am a man down, Tyson has a broken leg, must have caught it in a Maser part, poor boy. He demanded camouflage bandage, he has desert or jungle to choose from. When it rains I cover it in a seal easy bag, this makes quite a noise as he hops around, so I always know where he is.

I am still keeping reasonably busy, not too difficult now Tyson cannot help. Demand grows more and more for 3200/4200GT parts, not surprisingly as Maserati have never produced so many cars as in this era. The problem with breaking cars is the amount of parts that need to be stored, after the initial stripping of all the parts which sell immediately there is the majority of the car left, these parts will sit maybe for years.

I do hear of cars here and there which need parts that are unobtainable from the Maserati factory, Italy has suffered badly in this economic downturn and I am sure this must reflect on the supply of parts to Maserati, there have been many company closures down there.

Good cars such as Ghibli and QP1V that are still road going I am now deciding to break, difficult decision as it is a shame. The reason is I think that the price of supercars, like the 3200/4200, are so cheap that the Ghibli and QP owners are now buying.

22nd March 2009

See photos of various parts that I refurbish, shock absorbers, climate control units, starter motors, 3200GT Throttle bodies, engines and steering racks. Excuse Tyson he likes to be in on everything.

14th December 2008

Well it is so long since I updated. I have just walked round and seen why it takes ages to find and sort out parts, I just don't get time to tidy up.The weather has been quite cold lately, last year we only had 2 or 3 frosts before Christmas, on the news they said this is the coldest start to winter for 12 years.

Over the past few months the demand for Biturbo parts 83-94 has declined dramatically, with fewer cars around and the slump in their prices, this is to be expected. I do think that the demand for good cars from now forward will increase, the price also. They have now lived through all the detrimental remarks from different medias, and will again be a desired model. Don't all you guys out there forget, that without the Biturbo which kept the factory busy throughout the 80's, you may not be able to buy a Maserati today, maybe!

With so many new different Maserati's being produced over the past 8 years deciding what stock to buy has become more difficult. As the cars become more efficient then less parts from each car are in demand.

Just heard the catflap, Tyson's in, must be getting dark. His first job everyday is to go and sniff around my parts to see if any other cats have tried to mark his territory, most of the other cats are Ford/Vauxhall/BMW/Mercedes cats, he knows they stand no chance against a Maserati cat!

I will update again at Christmas, yes this Christmas, if you want to be bored further. Happy shopping, and don't get in a gridlock, my biggest fear!

29th June 2008

Well as I said in the past, I will try to update more often, huh! I normally have to use Sundays catching up on requests, but could not leave website any longer. It's raining and Tyson is sat on my knee while I'm typing, normally he would be asleep in the sun on Sunday.

In the past few months Maserati's have plummetted further in price, whether it being a car from the Biturbo range, a Ghibli, 3200GT, 4200GT or even a new Quattroporte, you can now buy alot of car for the money. With fuel increasing in price, I hope it will not hit Maserati desirability. The early pre 80 models do seem to be increasing in price though.

Over the past few months I have been able to increase my business with the refurbishing of shock absorbers for Ghibli, QP, 3200GT, and also refurbishing throttle bodies on the 3200GT which are a common problem for many owners. Also, I have acquired some space on a farm nearby to store a few wrecks.

With the advent of new models, owners of older cars are experiencing diminishing parts supply from Maserati. The sourcing of replacement parts in particular has become more difficult for the Maserati enthusiast, it is good to know that I can help in recycling parts to keep your classic cars on the road!

Sun is out now so Tyson has gone, I will go and find him amongst the junk, no sorry I mean parts, and photo him.

25th December 2007

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Tyson also sends his best wishes as he knows without you guys he would have to live on mice alone!

Thankyou for all the business you have put my way over the past year. See photo of Tyson every morning he attacks my shoe laces.

9th September 2007

Well I am pleased to say my new email service provider has solved the problems I had. It's Sunday and Tyson is resting on the path, getting ready for Monday, a day we both don't like!

I have acquired 3 cars which I would like to sell, so if anyone out there is interested please mail me. See photos, a 1995 2.8 QP auto, a 1996 Ghibli Gt 2.8 6 speed manual, a 2001 QP 3.2 manual, they are all good cars, with MOT.See in Cars for sale.

Would just like to say thankyou for all you guys out there who have kept me busy lately.

25th August 2007 - Important E-Mail Changes

Due to continuing problems with my email service provider, I have moved to a new one. Please update your bookmarks accordingly:

Both incoming and outgoing emails have been subject to lengthy delays for some time now, and this has resulted in slow responses to your queries and requests. I can only apologise for this, and I would recommend that you re-send any emails sent to me in the past week, using this new address.

21st August 2007

Sorry I have not updated lately, I will try to in the future. I am having problems with my mail server,it has been about 6 weeks now, if it does not correct the problem I will have to sort a new email address. I am receiving mails 2 days after they have been sent,so sorry if you think I have been slow replying. I will give it 2 or 3 days to improove and will post a new address if I decide it is causing too many problems.

By the way, Tyson has just completed a Maserati awareness course coming 1st, which entails seeking out good sleeping places, so he insisted on owning his own Maserati, as you can see by the photos he had a Spyder as it was summer, now he is grumpy as he realises there is no hood on his car and is concerned about winter comfort!

18th April 2007

Well I know I should update more often, and I will from now on, it is just, well, finding time, no excuse that is, just the subject matter needed. I am often still emailing till bedtime or trying to find some part in the various heaps of parts I keep making. I do not have time to organise the various stores, it is more important to give a quick service, bit of a catch 22 I suppose.

Anyway, the weather has gone from winter to summer overnight, about 2 weeks back. I have been freezing in the wind and rain,Jan,Feb,March, now it is hot, fantastic. Tyson, my companion is now lying upside down in the sun, instead of curled up in a Maser. See photo of him in the snow trying to look for a gearbox or pedal box missing so he can get inside a car! He jumped up on top of the V8, no doubt wishing he could find something as powerful as this to throb between his legs! That's a lie as I had him castrated some time back.

The new Maser, I must say is an improvement in style. The other day I followed a guy along a dual carriageway, for you guys overseas this is a road you can actually overtake other cars on, without being given a 2 finger sign,he was in a 4200GT, anyway the road was not empty but enough cars to make it fun. He was in a 4200GT, I was following quite close,well close, he went no faster than 60mph with an open road, I followed for about 5 miles, round roundabouts, I felt embarrassed, if you are going to have a Maserati, give it a little! Maybe he had a fault, I did think about running into the back of him because I have a good used rear 4200 bumper I'd like to sell!

I will update quickly, but I bet you won't want to look again after reading this.Anyone recognise the town in the photo? Told Tyson to do the paperwork,you cannot get the staff!!

21st January 2007

Well I don't suppose it is ever too late to wish everyone "All of the best for 2007," and I hope it is better than last year. All those plans and hopes of having a better car, or improving the ones we own, or just gettiing them running are no doubt the same dreams we had last year. I thought I would have learnt all about Maserati's by now, but feel I never will, not enough time to read,travel and make a living.

In the UK we now have had weeks of wind and rain, miserable to be outside stripping parts off cars, they keep talking about global warming and I think they maybe right, but lets have a few frosty, sunny, calm winter days and not this penetrating wind continuously. Bet you guys down in Aussie like to hear this moaning, your summer, and the Ashes to keep you warm!!! Even Tyson, my pussycat and workmate stays in now, see photos,won't look at me and goes back in front of the fire.

Well I have broadened my parts supply a little in the past few months, steering wheel extensions, also I can now refurbish Ghibli/QP and 3200GT shock absorbers. Also have now become alot more aware of engine construction and how without the correct maintenance how engines fail.

Sorry I have not talked much about cars. I have attached a few images of driving out of Italy up to Monte Bianco, some of you may recognise, I got by the Ferrari easy!

30th July 2006

Over the years I have heard many complaints as to the seating position of the driver, mainly in the Ghibli and the QP of the 90's. Obviously we are all different shapes and sizes, but the biggest complaint seems to be that the steering wheel does not protrude far enough into the cabin. Therefore I have recently had manufactured, by a friend and Maserati enthusiast, a polished aluminium extension to solve this problem,see pics below.Fitting is easy and quick, the results will be "comforting"for some!

The heat over the past 2 weeks has been unbearable for working in,temperatures in the 90's everyday.All my covered space is full of parts or disabled cars, consequently any work has to be done outside on concrete in the blazing sun.I am sure many of you around the world say, "what's the problem?",all I know is that by the end of the day I am shattered!!!!

I often feel bad about not having time to do updates on my site, or what really to add that would be interesting,my son Adam says "just say what happened that day, people like reading about others",well I shouldn't say it but my best company in everyday is my cat, Tyson, he knows the names of all my customers,also the size of the next spanner or hammer I need.He also knows which car is the most comfortable,and that when a gearbox is removed he can get into a locked car to sleep. Just shows that a pussy can also be a Maserati fan!!!

29th April 2006

I made the decision to replace the engine in the 424, not financially viable to break. The engine had loads of extra pipework on the intake and extra wiring to the injectors.These both led to 2 brackets which must have held some magic upgrades.I was told on purchasing it had smashed sump plate and driven with no oil, so no good! They were right about it being no good, I found a perfect sump plate in the boot,the one from the engine, to my surprise! On extracting the engine I saw a con rod sticking out of the side of the block, see photo.

I must say I have heard many stories of engines breaking down where modifications have been done. Maserati, I think, produce these engines to extract a maximum amount of power, any upgrade must have the necessary work to compensate for the increase in power.

See photo, I have a 3200 Spyder to sit in for my coffee break, many parts missing but the coffee is good! one can dream!!

29th January 2006

Well I am running out of space and do not want to increase overheads with more premises,which would put prices up. I have several cars, which if I strip, cannot store the parts,so just attack them for the parts required until they are bare.

Difficult decisions as to breaking cars which are good, are not easy. For example the 424, see pic below, perfectly good car apart from the owner smashed the sump and carried on driving!!! Well I have an engine to replace it, or I could repair, but by the time I make it good, it will stand me at 3500, about it's value in the UK as it is LHD. So I suppose I have to break it, such a shame for a good car when I shall dump most of the shell as this piece is not wanted often enough.

Other recent purchases, a 224, only half left now, a 3200GT, would have been an easy repair but insurance demands it must be broken!

Is the red car below worth 11000?

26th December 2005

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, make sure you take your Maserati's out for a festive run, unless the snow is too deep!

10th December 2005

Well I see Clarkson is at it again, with no real explanation that a Merak, in good condition, will cost 15,000. He spent under 10,000, and I'm sure without little inspection jumped in and drove. Any fault would have given more spice to the event, and did he create that(!). There was smoke from the rear of the car at the start, maybe a loose oil filter, anyway his desire to tarnish Maserati's good name for once, has not altered. He loved every clattering second, and must have completely destroyed the engine.

Talking of engines, my experience of Maserati engines is that nearly all failures I have seen have been operator faults. By far the biggest cause, cambelt failure, is due to not being changed as per the recommendation, and cars being driven when the engine is overheating. Other than those failures there are few; the engines are excellent and show little signs of wear even after high mileages - provided they are serviced correctly!

29th October 2005

I recently sent this crankshaft out to Turkey (pictured in and out of the box below). Unfortunately it's still in customs because they won't allow used motor parts into the country! If you're reading this from somewhere else that doesn't allow used parts into the country, it would be very useful if you could drop me a mail and let me know :)

(Then at least I can write 'new' on the box next time around!)

Also pictured (and approved by my cat) are some Maserati hats that I've had made out in Indonesia.

25th September 2005

Hi all. I just bought the domain name "" for my website! No need to change your bookmarks, they will still work as normal. I've also been fixing up some new racking in my garage for all the engines and parts I'm amassing. I'll post some photos soon when I've got it looking tidy.

11th August 2005

I took the remains of a 430 and all other scrap metal I could load into the shell to be weighed in for big bucks. Having learnt recently that China is short of metal and consequently the scrap metal price has risen sharply. Well, they gave me UKP 15.20p, this was after they asked me what make of car it was, I think they must watch Top Gear as well, the next guy got UKP 29 for his Ford Mondeo!

17th July 2005

A couple of weeks ago, I listed my 1994 Spyder on eBay. I can only assume that Jeremy Clarkson's recent contributions on Top Gear must have really turned people off Maseratis - I didn't get any bids!

This was probably one of the last Biturbo Spyders to roll out of the factory, and I thought I started the auction at a very reasonable price.

The car can still be viewed on eBay for a couple of weeks, just put the item number 4559920275 into the eBay search box and you'll see all the photos and details.

12th June 2005

Today sees the "Italian Car Concours" at Stanford Hall (in the UK). This will host one of the largest gatherings of Maseratis in the UK. I'll be there - I hope to see some familiar faces!

While the majority of my stock covers 80's and 90's cars, I'm increasingly getting hold of modern V8 Maseratis for breaking. The pictures below show a 3200GT that I acquired the other day.

28th May 2005

Did anyone see this on Top Gear on Sunday? Clarkson is threatening my livelihood again. I bet he has never had the pleasure of a test drive, to justify his obvious conviction that will accompany this clip!

24th May 2005

Welcome to my first attempt at an update to my website. As you might have guessed, my son wrote the previous one. I will update on a weekly basis, and hope to add a "Guess the part" quiz soon (with prizes!).

The photos below show a 1994 Maserati Spyder, which will shortly be advertised for sale. Also, a 228 which is on the verge of being broken, but is almost too good to do so. I'll make my mind up soon. The other photo(s) show some other cars at various stages of "brokenness".

Note the numberplate that's probably worth more than the car!

23rd May 2005

Hi everyone. You'll notice that the front page of my website has adopted a fresh, simple look. My son has written a tool to generate the page source & thumbnails, given a simple text file and some images. This means I don't have to learn HTML, and I will be able to update the site more frequently :) I'll aim for at least once per week.

I'm aware that it looks a bit 'odd' compared to the rest of the website now. The other pages may get the same treatment soon, if my son has any more spare time.

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